Ice Sizes

FULL ICE CUBE - 1 1/4″ × 1 1/4″ × 1 1/4″Full Ice Cub

  • The only true cube in the industry—our machines produce the exclusive square-sided ice cube. And it’s larger than most competitors’ cubes.
  • Banquet halls, clubs, and restaurants serve their customers more efficiently with minimal dilution of their beverages.
  • Cruise ships pack their guest’s coolers with our ice for tropical excursions.
  • Boaters and fisherman count on the full ice cube for the hottest days away from shore.
  • Bagged ice companies and their customers like the low ice loss of the larger cube.
  • Construction companies, fire departments, and utilities rely on this slow-melting ice cube for their truck water coolers and personnel safety.
  • Athletic training rooms in gyms, on campuses, and for professional sports
    franchises count on longer-lasting KOLD-DRAFT ice for conditioning and

Half Ice Cube

HALF ICE CUBE - 1 1/4″ × 1 1/4″ × 5/8″

KOLD-DRAFT’S Half Cubes are half the size of Full Cubes. Ideal for fast food operations and restaurants. From ice by the bag to hotel room service, they are easy to handle, provide great displacement and last a long time. The KOLD-DRAFT Half Ice Cube is the right ice size for every purpose. 

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