Our complete line of commercial ice makers includes compact ice machines that are ideal for small-volume ice production, limited ice needs, or as a backup during peak business hours; commercial ice makers designed to save valuable floor space in small kitchens,hotel hallways or the office lunchroom — any place where space is a problem; and the workhorses, designed for large-volume production in restaurantsfood service, hotel ice dispensers, or any application where ice is in constant, continuous demand.

Need more? We are the choice of theme parks, institutional kitchens, and correctional food service, or cafeterias, resorts, casinos, or any operation requiring a lot of ice on a continuous basis. Our production powerhouses can be stacked for double production in the same floor space.

Ice Machines Applications

Is your niche our niche?

Explain your special need. We’ll make the best commercial ice maker for that niche. For example, cruise ships know the value of reliable ice. (Can you imagine having an ice machine issue while out to sea?) That’s why we are the brand of choice for all major cruise lines. Our superiority for marine applications is rooted in our efficiency AND our reactive engineering. Our marine units feature:

  • Consistent ice making output in rough seas
  • An enclosed water system prevents water from splashing out of the machine or into the bin even in the roughest weather
  • Heavy gauge 304 stainless steel exterior panels, frames, and USPHS-preferred fasteners that are easy to clean and sanitize while offering great chemical resistance
  • Cupro-nickel condensers
  • Special marine ground harness
  • A water level probe baffle for out of level operation
  • A marine coolant system bypass manifold