Ice Making Technology

KOLD-DRAFT. Where ice making is the perfect balance of art and science. How does it work?

  1. Visualize an upside-down ice cube tray, which is called an evaporator, placed upside down atop a molded water plate.
  2. The KOLD-DRAFT evaporator is refrigerated and has individual cells. The water plate has a hole for every cell, through which the water is vigorously pumped, injecting it to the top of each cell and down the four sides.
  • Each cell acts as an individual freezing unit. The evaporator is solid copper for the most efficient heat transfer and Electrotin plated for protection against corrosion. Tin also has anti-microbial qualities and has been used to protect food and potable water for many years.

  • As the water circulates continuously through the freezing cell, it forms ice smoothly on the cold surfaces, eliminating air and flushing away impurities. Pure water freezes first, so the water containing mineral impurities is washed down and out through two drain holes located under each cell.
  • The KOLD-DRAFT Classic Ice Cube Maker needs no thermostat or time clock to govern the size of the cube. The water control system is designed so that the harvest will not take place until all the cubes have reached their full solid size.
  • After automatic rinsing, the next cycle is started with a measured amount of fresh water.


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Independent Research Results

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Ideal Temperatures Charts

Harder Ice

  • Hard ice lasts longer in storage bins, cocktail sinks, drinks, salad bars, and coolers
  • Harvested ice is colder than the freezing temperature of water

Based on a PSU study, KOLD-DRAFT ice contained the lowest amount of calcium carbonate of tested machines. This is consistent with the purity of KOLD-DRAFT.

Slower Melting Ice

  • Slowest-melting ice cubes on the market
  • Pure, hard ice melts slower
  • Does not distort the taste of any drink

KOLD-DRAFT ice is the slowest melting—critically important for most beverages. Many mixologists consider the Full Cube an ingredient.

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